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Musik zum Anfassen an der Musikuniversität
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    Musik zum Anfassen (Hands-On Music) is an experimental concept to impart an interest in music in a playful way through dialogue. Nikolaus Harnoncourt is the patron of the Musik zum Anfassen projects.

    Musik zum Anfassen means to stimulate curiosity in music and making music oneself. The concept is enacted with the most diverse range of target groups and is constantly being further developed as a work in progress.

    Based on the experience that one-off educational musical events have little effect, Musik zum Anfassen includes the concept of a multi-part series of workshops. The individual workshops build on each other didactically and in content. They are always adapted to the respective target group and lead to a public closing event, which completes the workshop series.

    The basic building blocks are playful activities and listening experiences with music of all styles (classical, contemporary and jazz). The sound, noise and movement activities and the direct contact between professional musicians and the participants transmit fundamental aspects of music-making and appreciation. Priority is given to one theme in the content of each workshop, which is presented by various musicians or chamber ensembles. For example, the participants are given the opportunity to get to know each group of musical instruments more closely. The workshops are aimed toward dialogue and are all led by the same moderator, who maintains continuity and becomes a trusted contact person.

    The workshop series culminates in a public closing event, in which in addition to “normal” concert, opera and other music, compositions that were created during the sessions are performed, as well as artistic contributions by the participants together with the musicians involved in the project.