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Musik zum Anfassen an der Musikuniversität
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    In the project „Musik zum Anfassen“ (Hands-on Music) in cooperation with the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts, advanced students from various institutes of the University of Music participate in the realisation of events designed to impart an interest in music.

    The project "Musik zum Anfassen" aims to reach a broad basis while at the same time meeting the demand to promote music education. It is oriented toward children and adolescents, stimulates curiosity about music and classical instruments and overcomes inhibitions. The experience-oriented means of communication, addressing all the senses and activating creativity, is a central objective of the project, practical and enriching, both for the target group and the enacting students during their studies. The intention is to set an accent in culture and educational politics while using already available resources.

    The cooperation with the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts involves chamber music and other activities of the students, puts the goals of courses into practice and leads to the gaining of wide-reaching experiences for both instructors and students.

    The cooperative project aims to benefit all participants

    for the University:
    # Pedagogical, artistic (concert training, chamber music, improvisation) and organisational (cultural management) gains with low expenditure
    # Use of already available resources (cross-institute)
    # Contribution to realisation of its culture politics mandate and educational goals
    # Contribution to the networking of various institutions
    # Effective public relations promotion without additional expenditures

    for Students
    # Application of various abilities and content of studies
    # Consolidation and checking of practical
    # Increase in motivation to study through active participation in the project
    # Goal of applicability

    for Target Groups (Pupils, Parents)
    # Holistic, experience-oriented, interdisciplinary, interactive educational opportunity
    # Talent search
    # Reduction of inhibitions about "high culture"

    for Participants on a broader base
    # Teachers (motivation and further education through sitting in)
    # Presenters (networking, partnerships)
    # Orchestras (promotion of future members and audience)
    # Parents of pupils („indirect“ impulses in cultural education)

    This project
    # leads in this way to a higher demand for musical education in all institutions of learning (kindergarten, elementary school, music school, community college, elementary school to university)
    # supports an intensive and varied networking of educational institutions

    and so becomes a model and prototype for the promotion of musical education and its future development and comprehensive expansion with high social relevance.