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    with underage, unaccompanied adolescent refugees

    The project "PicturesEscapes/EscapesSounds" will be carried out with underage, unaccompanied adolescent refugees.

    The project will be carried out in two parts:
    Ist Part:
    The young refugees will document through film the places associated with their "new" life in Vienna: their everyday lives; their waiting, their fears, their hopes, their learnings, their longings...They will be guided by and receive technical advice on handheld camera and editing from students of the Institute for Film (Film Academy) of the mdw.

    2nd Part
    Building on the practice usual in the silent movie era of performing live music during screening of the film, the young refugees will develop music for their own film sequences in the course of interactive dialogical workshops. They will be advised and supported in creating compositions and live performance of chamber music by students of the concert and educational instrumental subjects and students of composition classes of the mdw.

    For a reference film relating to the subject "underage, unaccompanied refugees" see:
    "Little Alien"

    The project is associated with the initiative "Music and Refugess" of the mdw, which is supported by the MDW rectorate.




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